Solar Shingles

Need a New Roof?

Why not eliminate your electric bill at the same time? More importantly, why pay the power company to supply you with energy produced by an antiquated, fossil fuel burning power plant? With state and federal tax incentives and rebates, and available low-interest loans, you can own your own, affordable solar roof system with very minimal to zero up-front, out of pocket costs. This solar investment saves you money within the first month, and pays you back over the lifetime of the system.

Solar Shingles

Panels vs Shingles

Durable Hail Proof Roofing Shingle Manufacturer 25 Year Warranty

Preferred Appearance SunTegra™ Shingles integrate directly with composite roofs, enabling them to blend in and provide a sleek appearance preferred by four out of five customers.

High Performance Premium solar cells and unique TegraVent™ technology ensures best-in-class efficiency and energy performance. Exceptional wind, snow and fire ratings ensure shingles will perform in a wide variety of environments.

Reliable and Safe Based on proven solar cell and module technology, they have passed both solar and roofing certifications.

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