HouseSolar Roof Systems is Montana’s first and only building-integrated photovoltaic roofing company located here in the Gallatin Valley. We are a veteran-owned company, and are excited to bring Montana the newest and best solar technology available.

SRS is a registered, licensed, and insured company covered under a Montana Master Electrician’s License, and a Montana Unlimited Electrical Contractor License. SRS is also a licensed and insured roofing contracting company giving us the ability to perform every aspect of a solar roof installation.

SRS is committed to bringing Montana the highest quality solar systems, with excellence in design and installation. Our commitment to clean, renewable energy will benefit the environment, as well as reduce the damage for fossil fuel energy. Solar Shingles provide an affordable, aesthetically pleasing, durable roof that also increases property value nearly dollar for dollar, and is available for ZERO money down. SRS can assist with low interest loan applications and federal and tax rebates.

We also offer design and installation services for autonomous (off-grid) systems not only in Bozeman and southwest Montana, but also in Billings, Helena, Great Falls and Butte areas.

As technology for renewable energy advances we believe in installing the latest in solar technology, integrating your power production into the physical structure of your home or business. Building integrated photovoltaics are the most affordable and aesthetically pleasing method for solar. Solar shingles are comparable in price to traditional solar but are a far superior product. Traditional solar panels are bulky, less attractive, less efficient to install, and don’t add as much value to your property.

If you are replacing an entire existing roof, building a new home, or are upgrading your home with a solar system, Solar Roof Systems of Montana will provide you a roof that works for you, saves you money, and even pays you back over the lifetime of the roof.

Solar Roof

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